Nature2 Pool Mineral Sanitizers

Taking care of your pool just got easier

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Clean Water, Less Hassle

Nature² automatically delivers bacteria and algae-fighting minerals for overall cleaner, more comfortable pool water that doesn't require daily maintenance.

Easily Works with Pool's Filtration System

There's a Nature² solution for every pool


Peace of Mind

Nature2 products provide peace of mind using an EPA-registered mineral bed technology for a conveniently simple solution to effortlessly defend against algae.

Nature2 Fusion Soft

Salt Chlorinator + Nature2 System

The Nature2 Fusion soft system is an all-in-one salt water sanitizer and mineral system for in-ground pools.

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Nature2 Fusion

Chlorine Tablet Feeder + Nature2 System

The Nature2 Fusion is a robust and convenient chlorine and mineral sanitizing system for in-ground pools.

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Continuous Pool Protection

Controlled Release Technology (CRT) automatically dispenses the right amount of mineral ions into your pool water as needed to help defend against algae.

Nature2 Express

Nature2 Mineral Dispenser

Nature2 Express is a simple mineral dispensing system that automatically releases the right amount of Nature2 minerals into your pool for a cleaner, clearer swimming experience.

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Nature2 CF

Cartridge Filter Drop-in Mineral Dispenser

Simple drop-in unit for your pool's existing cartridge filter.

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