Reduce Chlorine Using Natural Minerals

Get Clean, Clear Pool and Spa Water with Nature2

Powerful Mineral Sanitization

Nature2 is a line of simple and effective mineral sanitizers that work in conjunction with your pool and spa's filtration system. Nature2 delivers sparkling clean water and is proven to help destroy bacteria and fight algae without the harsh effects of
traditional chemicals.

Inspired by Nature

Minerals like silver have long been known for their sanitizing, antimicrobial properties. Nature2's pool and spa mineral sanitizers use these proven ingredients to create clean, clear water while reducing chlorine levels and the potential for the common discomforts and unpleasant odors of chemical sanitization.

Did you know the Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire used silver to treat their water?

Nature2 reduces bromine and chlorine usage by up to 50% in most pools and spas.

Why Nature2?

Reduces chemical use

Controls bacteria and algae

Decreases pool maintenance

How it Works

Put the power of minerals to use in your pool or spa.

Step 1

Nature2 pool mineral cartridges install inside Nature2 vessels or your pool's existing cartridge filter. Nature2 spa sticks drop in your spa's filter basket.

Step 2

Trace amounts of silver and copper are automatically dispensed into your pool or spa water for continuous sanitizing and healthier pH levels.

Step 3

The powerful minerals fight bacteria and control algae for up to 6 months in pools and 4 months in spas.

Choose the Right Nature2 for You

There's a variety of Nature2 configurations. Learn which one works best for your pool or spa.

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